Website Design

A "simple website" for small organizations or individuals consists of about five to seven pages of static or simple dynamic information, and may include logos, photographs, movies, etc. Dynamic information may include things like a schedule of events, news items, comments from readers, a catalog of products, or a portfolio of photographs. This information is typically organized automatically from information you enter using the simple web interface that we will provide. We do all the programming and database setup, you need only add the information. For example, if your website contains a gallery of your photographs, we will design a web interface for you where you can upload the photographs from your computer, enter a title, etc., and the gallery will be generated automatically for the visitor.

In all cases our web design follows a philosophy of simplicity and universal access: pages open to the public are valid html and we strive to make them accessible to all types of browsers and computers including handheld devices and readers for the disabled. We use stylesheets and avoid flash, java, javascript, and other technologies that reduce the accessibility of the website. As a result your pages will load fast and be useable by everyone.

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